Picture Frame Graphic

About me

Hi my name is Sarah.

I know, sorry to disappoint but it's not Ethel Doris! Although I must admit I have thought about changing my name! I've been working as Ethel Doris for about 7 years now. I love pretty fabrics, flowers and polka dots. Something useful must be made beautiful.


It all started with wanting to make something that would fit in my ministry bag and hold the magazines and tracts neatly. I made a really pretty folder, then before I knew it I was making one for everyone. At the same time I was working in a shop and hated the hours as they didn't suit my Pioneering. Sewing from home just happened. I've never regretted giving up work.


We moved from Britain to Ireland. Serving where the need is greater, and where the views are breathtaking. We are learning to speak Irish (that's tough!). Working full time in ministry, and working at home on rainy days, it really is the Best Life Ever.


I realise that the support of all my family and friends makes Ethel Doris possible. So I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to you all.